Some of the Benefits

Congratulations on your new baby! It can be hard to get moving again after giving birth so take some time and rest but once you are ready this video is the perfect place to get started again!

  • Slowy get your body moving again to bulid strenth and edurance that will help with chasing that little one around very soon.

  • Bond with your baby... this is the perfect time to have a little fun together.

  • Encourage sleep... many babies will quickly fall asleep making nap time a much easier and FASTER process.

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What Mama's are saying...

“I just have to say how much I love this workout! I have never been keen on exercising. I have been blessed with a fast metabolism most of my life so never felt the need to exercise (even though I know its good for your health not just to lose weight blah blah blah) but after carrying my 9lb 3oz baby I needed to do something to get back in shape. Every other exercise I have ever done has left me feeling like crap and tired which they say shouldn’t happen….they say you should feel energized, I never did so I just stopped doing it. Well, this exercise really does leave me feeling energized! I can’t believe it! Even Naomi (my daughter, 5 months old) loves it. She relaxes in the ergo and is asleep by the end and this child does not like to be worn in general. The workout is easy and gentle but you can definitely still feel it working. I just absolutely love it and am so thankful I found it! :)”
 ~Shannon Gentry (Maryland) 

"We are loving this workout! I love that it is low impact. I tried a workout that I did pre pregnancy but all the jumping was killer on this nursing mama! This was enjoyable and easy to follow along with. I especially loved doing it with my babe. She was notorious at waking up when i was trying to exercise but now she gets to help, whether she's awake or not! Exercising with my babe is an awesome way to keep motivated! Thank you, thank you, Kelli!" ~Ashley B.

"Just have to say that I LOVE this workout and am so excited to start the challenge tomorrow! I have never been good about keeping up with a workout routine, especially after having my first son, but with this, I can have my little one with me (and he sleeps!!) and my 2.5yo playing next to me either in the house or we do it at the park and he's just happy as a clam and thinks I'm hilarious, lol." ~Elizabeth B.D.

"I love this video because it is gentle enough for a postpartum mama but I can feel it building strength and boosting my heart rate. I don't care how fit you were before pregnancy (I was somewhat fit myself), late pregnancy and childbirth are very difficult on the body and require very slow, gradual reintroduction to exercise. This workout is light on the ab work but still strong on the core strengthening and allows a woman to gain strength gradually while dropping the pounds quickly (as part of a breastfeeding regimen and a healthy 2500 calorie diet). ~Annie P.

"The workout is simple, using your own body weight and baby as extra.  The movements are gentle, so they don't jar baby too much.  By the end, I feel like I've really used my muscles and my 18 month old is sleeping!  He really gets the giggles during a couple of exercises, and loves to try and do them with me.  It's a lot of fun to "work out together". " ~Kate S.

"I very much enjoyed the Baby Wearing Workout. I started using it when my daughter was seven months old and about 16 pounds, and it really helped me to kick-start my weight loss. While I would definitely incorporate additional forms of exercise (such as going for walks with your baby in a carrier, yoga, or other workout videos), TBWW is great for women whose babies need constant care and cannot go to the gym as a result. It's fast, you can feel the muscle burn but isn't too strenuous for a new mother, and - this may be the best part - your baby will most likely fall asleep before the end of the video! I've lost twenty pounds in the last four months, and it is largely in part to TBWW and just baby-wearing in general. Thanks, Kelli! " ~Jennifer P.

"I love the workout and so does my little trainer. Its a lot of fun, easy to do and its gentle on my horrible, horrible knees. I can feel the burn after performing this workout. It really does encourage you to get up, get moving and burn some calories. It will continue to challenge you as your baby gains weight making the workout more difficult. It really works! " ~Laura G.

"I do this workout before my baby's nap time and she usually falls sleep before we finish it, sleeping better and she is more happy, the workout has helped me get active and I am looking forward shaving some pounds! I can do it in my own time (no need to rush for a class at the gym) my own space, and I have actually done it in the park a couple of times, simply love it! " ~Lula

"I've been struggling with finding the time to do any exercising since I wear our babe a lot.  Finding the video was perfect.  Low impact but killer (in a good way) for arms and legs. His weight helps to add to my workout tremendously.  Bonus: he falls asleep every time! " ~Marie

"I really am liking this video. It's low impact but gives your arms and legs a great workout! And it really does knock out your little one! She has fallen asleep twice while working out!!" Lori W.